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Our population is aging. Longer life spans and aging Baby Boomers will double the population of Americans aged 65 or older during the next 25 years. The Centers for disease control's highest priorities are to increase the number of older adults who live longer, high-quality, productive and independent lives" 

Make a Difference in your Life and The Lives Of Others

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The basic economics are there....both supply and demand for Senior Care are strong and only growing stronger.

Take the first step in owning a business where you can make a powerful difference in your life and in the lives of others. Many Opportunities are out there, but few give you access to all the information you need to start a non-medical, Home Care Business with little out-of-pocket costs. Your one-time investment of just $1,500.00 will get you the resources you need to launch and run your own independent business.

The Senior Age Care Business Kit is a must-have for anyone wanting to start an in-home Senior Care Business. Once you receive the kit you will be ready to begin immediately. There is no need to start from scratch or buy a franchise or membership model to get resources. The Senior Age Care Business Kit will save you time and money. It contains a comprehensive start-up guide and operations manual, marketing manual, employee handbook, forms and training that will be your step-by-step guide as you establish your business, CD with all forms, brochure, flyer and ad sample templates, and manuals in Microsoft word so you can edit, insert your business name ect...

As you establish your business you will discover that this kit covers all the information that any franchise or membership model would, but at an investment that is significantly less and without the hassle of contracts or territory restrictions.

The Senior Age Care Kit contains proven and detailed business practices, valuable information, guidance based on experience (We run our own successful Senior Care Business) necessary forms and training to get your business up and running. We stand behind the Senior Age Care Business kit because we know it works. Therefore, if you buy a membership or franchise opportunity within three months of purchase of the Senior Age Care Business Kit, we will refund your money.

In addition to these materials, We offer 4 Hours of Phone Consulting support. Contact us to discuss the details. 

Your investment of $1,500 will give you the step-by-step guides and business practices you need to start and run your own Senior Age Care Business agency.

You are just a phone call or click away from making a profit with a feel-good business.


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